Sports Hat


Like sports ? Hate sports ? Like to hate sports ? Always be on the wining team with this handmade sports hat.
Gone is the uncomfortable feeling of rooting for the wrong side.
Multi seasonal , multi team , multi comedy.
Slam Dunk!πŸ‰β›Ήβš½οΈπŸ‹πŸ€πŸŒπŸˆπŸ‡βšΎοΈβ›·πŸŽΎ

This sweet gem of a hat is Made from USA made 12oz Black bull denim and stitched on a vintage hand crank chainstitch embroidery machine.

Not shown: but comes with pencil holder !

Pick from red white or blue stitching at checkout.

Watch us stitching:

Comes with a standard pencil holder pocket.

Comment at checkout if you want a flat pencil holder/sharpie pocket or lefty instead of regular pencil pocket. 

Check shop announcements for current make times .


One size fits most.

Fits up to size 7 1/2 ( about 21"-23.5" )

Center release buckle close with black webbing strap.

PLEASE email/contact with fitting questions.


Everything in this shop is handmade. USA made denim then stitched by us ( ape/April & bird/Rich ) here in Providence, Rhode Island.

We are NOT a typical "lifestyle brand". Nothing here is sweatshop made and rebranded. All is hand built by two human makers with love, care and pride.

All hats come wrapped, with stickers and pencil, gift ready ( no receipt ) and have an Ape&Bird serial number handwritten on the inside.

Ships in 8” square box via USPS first class.


hand wash cold and air dry

Denim, label and hardware made here in the USA

The brim is not a plastic insert and a little shorter. Its softer, more comfortable and still completely hand washable.

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